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If you recently visited me and enjoyed one of my indulgences, Please leave your kind words below, that would be very much appreciated. 


Warmly, Lady of Pleasure xx


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    I can honestly say my sessions were extraordinary and exceeded my expectations. She is an intelligent, beautiful and insightful individual with an amazing personality who genuinely cares about going the extra mile making sure your concern is taken care of. Don’t miss an opportunity to go and see her, seriously.

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    Miss Pleasure is honestly a one of a kind. I have to say I’ve searched and experienced a few different things, but no one comes even close to her experience. She is accomplished, kind, caring and of course drop dead gorgeous. She really makes you feel at home.

    She tells you up front when you first meet her that her experience is nothing like anything you’ve tried before, and boy was she right. She’s quite open-minded and loves to delve into your mind. I have to urge everyone not to miss out on such an incredible woman!

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    I recently had the absolute pleasure of seeing the Lady of Pleasure in Jan 2016 regarding coaching sessions – Let me guide you. A little about my self, I am in my mid 30’s overweight and had not been in a relationship for quite a few years so you can imagine for a guy like me who lacks in experience in the sack -I didn’t want to feel embarrassed anymore.

    As I am writing this review, I can’t help but have a grin on my face recalling the time I have spent. From the very moment I met her, she looked at me with tenderness as I had been feeling quite shy. Was not long before I was at ease, it really was like we were old friends.

    I have learn’t and experienced many things during our sessions. Asking – communicating is such a big thing – it makes all the difference being comfortable to ask and to have a beautiful woman encouraging you.

    She is patient, she is kind, never did she judge me, or make me feel uncomfortable. I have walked away from this experience with my head held high – excited with my new found confidence and erotic memories I will cherish for a long time.

    If you are like me, lacking in confidence – you could not be in better hands. Reach out to her. Let her show you the way. Like me, you will find peace.

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    Holy hell, I had a few sessions!

    I felt so special and I enjoyed the chance to learn more from an intelligent, complex lady, So sensual and skillful, she’s honest, caring, playful, full of tricks – such an experience.

    I look forward to the day in May when I see her once again, lovely treasure, Lady of Pleasure.

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    A warm kind , caring and very sensual lady.. She welcomes you with a warm genuine greeting, and puts you completely at ease with her relaxed confident manner. So do yourself a huge favour If you want coaching or help with your sexual performance please see this amazing lady. She is amazing.

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    I recently saw this Lady for sex coaching as I was not feeling very confident nor was I interested in having sex with my partner any more. I was so nervous at first but within minutes I felt so at ease and so comfortable that I can only say was the best thing Ive done for not only myself but for me and my partner. Thankyou

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    I feel alive again thanks to you .

    You are a wonderful woman with a caring heart and you treated me with respect and listened to what I had to say about my inner most feelings.

    Yes I am keeping up with my exercises as I have to . I keep hearing your voice in my mind telling me to do so . LOL.

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    Thanks again for yesterday, was great to get a feel for what the process is been working on things. If you could please send through the rest of the “homework” you mentioned.

    Thanks again coach!

    PS My wife enjoyed a few epic orgasms last night thanks to a couple of tips from yourself 😉
    Cant wait to learn more and see you again soon.

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    Thank you. There is so much I can learn from you and did not realize how much I did not know. I felt amazingly relaxed and energetic after our session – something I have never experienced before. I think i could learn so much and I fell like I just got a taste the other day. See you next time I am in town for session two. Alex

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    Dear Loving Eyes,
    Wow! Thank You so much for all your kindnesses. I was buzzing as I drove back yesterday after our session. So I’m so very grateful. This is what I’d been dreaming of for so long and so to meet You and have this opportunity is a dream come true and I feel so blessed and excited and grateful.
    Thank you for being so special and amazing and kind and holding the space for this kind of work.

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    Hi Elle, I left you a message. all going great it already feels a lot stronger. I really enjoy it so far. Before I saw you I was just rushing to an orgasm everyday but now I’m enjoying constantly being aroused without any rushed end goal, whenever I feel myself rushing towards an orgasm, what you wrote to me about helps wonders with pulling me back. Thank you so much, feeling motivated and excited with how things are going. See you again next week.

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    Thank you
    Truly was money well spent. Not only have a gained more confidence I have much strength and seem more control each time. I will keep working towards enjoying the journey more. Its so wonderful to start to reprogram the mind and body. Thankyou for helping me.

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    Honestly, I can’t put into words how much of a difference Elle has changed my life forever and will always be appreciative of what I’ve learnt from her. From starting my sessions being completely inexperienced to where I’ve gotten now in my life is a huge difference. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing what I’ve learnt and being able to incorporate the teachings into practice. I‘ve noticed a massive difference not only in my overall performance but also in other areas such as being more confident and being more in control in other areas of my life. I never realised how important the role of sexuality played in relation to how we go about our lives and how it can benefit it tremendously.

    Elle is an amazing person, gorgeous, very professional and a great teacher. If I ever had any questions she was more than happy to help. I really can’t thank her enough and I’m really looking forward to what the future holds. My only regret is I didn’t see her sooner in life.

    Thanks for everything Elle.


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