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Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,



Thank you for visiting my website to find out how you can learn how to access more pleasure, last longer and overcome sexual challenges.

For those of you who were seeking a little intimacy or sexual pleasure and found me via the internet or a Brisbane escort directory, I offer services very different to that of an escort, I offer something much more fulfilling and rewarding which also gives you the opportunity to delve much deeper into your sexuality helping you become a truly magical lover. I am a hands on sex coach offering non-judgment, shame-free assistance with your sex life. I am extremely passionate about helping men whose sex life is suffering. My ideal clients are men who are open to understanding and learning new ways to overcome their sexual problems to become the lover they desire to be. 


Are you dissatisfied with your sex life?

Do you want to learn some more techniques to satisfy yourself and/or your partner?

Are you suffering performance anxiety?

Are you wanting to last longer?

Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions…Im here to tell you I can assist. 

Dedicated to assisting people to expand and explore more…not to just have a mediocre sex life but to have a FANTASTIC SEX LIFE whether you are single or not.  I genuinely enjoy connecting with others and believe we all want and actually crave connection. I specialise assisting clients with Sexual Dysfunctions such as Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. I don’t just offer theory as most sex coaches do, its the practical that allows you to explore and truly experience and learn for yourself. I know how awkward and embarrassing sexual issues can be and its much harder to make changes by yourself so I’m here to help you get back on track, to guide you with being more sexually confident and feeling much more happiness in your whole life.

A Little Fact:
Did you know that PLEASURE in your body creates a cocktail of endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin, which are responsible for making us happy and ecstatic….why not learn how to access this some more and choose to have more happiness in your life!

As you browse, you will find information regarding the type of adult services I provide. As I cover everything extensively so its best to read this page first, then move onto the other pages so that nothing is missed and everything makes perfect sense to you before contacting me. 


Please enjoy your stay and when you are ready I will be delighted to make your acquaintance.

Kisses xx

Rebel – Sexuality Coach for Men – Brisbane Australia

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About Me:


My name is Rebel, or you can call me as most do….Elle, Lady of Pleasure Coach. Pleasure with a Capital P. I’m all about pleasure. When I first learnt about how much pleasure you can actually have in your WHOLE body…’Wow’, right then I decided I want the world to know 🙂

I’m a Sex Coach, Tantra Practitioner, Body Work Healer and Reiki Master I help men have great sex by coaching them to overcome Sexual Dysfunction such as Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction. Clients who I am already acquainted with would tell you in a few words that I am… extremely friendly, warm hearted and that they feel very at ease with me almost immediately. I am genuine and I genuinely love life….So be warned when you meet me…I usually have very happy high energy…but well why wouldn’t I…I love what I do and enjoy immense amount of pleasure and can choose pleasure every day if I want….ah but don’t worry the side effect is that maybe it will rub off on you.

For over twenty years, I’ve explored personally, I’ve experienced, I’ve studied, trained and learned about intimacy and sex. Ive worked with thousands of people from all walks of life….from 19year olds to 85 year olds. Its been an evolving process but I’m so grateful that nearly every day I connect with people to help change lives and so I have a great passion for this unique work. 

You are in excellent company…

I’m an expert in my unique field of hands on Sexuality Coaching, I specialise in helping men with sexual challenges and every week I see someone with a huge smile on their face for having worked through their issues achieving great success following my programs. 

Having spent most of the past two decades learning, discovering and guiding, you men have been my best teachers and so I am very passionate about helping people overcome challenges. I love to assist you in areas of your sex life so you can gain new confidence and become the best version of yourself in the bedroom. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rebel 🙂



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Sex Coaching Sessions

I understand that browsing the profiles of many ladies in Brisbane must be a daunting task. You are never quite sure who is genuine and what their service will be like. Also you are sometimes never quite sure what it is you are looking for.  So to avoid any disappointments, I have provided as much detail about myself, my personality and my services on this site so that you can get to know me as much as possible before booking. 

You must be sure that the lady you are choosing to spend your time with is on your level and most importantly you have to know if she provides the type of adult service that you are looking for. Please let myself be clear, whilst my photos are a little sexy, as I celebrate my sexuality,…I do not offer escorting services. I approach things completely different, my style is completely unique and its what I call a fusion of styles….Lady of Pleasure style in fact.  I’m here to share with you my sexual secrets so to connect on a deeper level which makes the sessions so much more expansive and wonderful.

A list of my some of my sex coaching packages are outlined below.

Private Couples

I tailor make private sessions to suit couples – hands on guidance to learn massage and also private witnessing sessions. 

More Info

Who want to learn techniques and how to enjoy each other again and on a much more deeper level.
Contact me for more information.

King of Your Jungle

This is for men who maybe experiencing some sexual challenges and who want to

More Info

stop the mind chatter and focus on being in the moment so to enjoy greater experiences.

Request My Uncut Version For Full Details About This Service.

Master of Your Domain

This package is for those who are experiencing Premature Ejaculation. Are your issues causing you anxiety and maybe

More Info

even affecting you and/or your relationships.  Tried many things but with no success…I assist men of all ages who are wanting to feel more confident again.

Request My Uncut Version For Full Details About This Service.



Would You Like To Find Out More About My Sessions?

Request The Uncut Version Of My Services Or Ask Me A Genuine Question By CLICKING HERE

I will send you the information discreetly by email so that you can then browse it at your own leisure and make an informed decision. This is a much better option than sending questions via sms.

Please submit the form on this website giving me as much details as possible that way I know exactly what your enquiry is in relation to.

ALTERNATIVELY: You can sms me on 0410 611917 to organise a time for a free Discovery Phone Call – An informal 5-10 min chat to see if we should meet. 

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Main Service Locations

I offer my sexuality coaching services in Brisbane, Australia 


Please contact me for my address details


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Frequently Asked Questions

Brisbane Intimacy Coach




By clicking “Reservations” in the top menu or ‘Uncut” and using the booking form on that page. Please be sure to provide as much detail as possible. 








It is essential to have a Meet and Greet as that way we can get a feel for each other to see if we wish to work together.  During the Meet and Greet you will be shown some exercises that you will need to practice prior to Lesson One. Lesson One cannot proceed without a Meet and Greet at least a week prior giving you sufficient time to practice your homework.

There are a few ways in which the Meet and Greet can go:

  1. In person…this is more of an ideal way as then hands on guidance can be given
  2. If you are time poor or because of where you are located then a Skype Session can be organised
  3. The third way is to have a chat on the phone, then pay a deposit and I can send your exercises and homework to you prior to Lesson One









I accept cash, bank transfers to my business bank account.  









Plenty of clients choose to do a package rather than pay as they go, because if you pay for a package upfront via bank transfer, in person you will receive a $300 discount.  I also offer payment plans, contact me to discuss.









For those that are genuinely wanting to have a better sex life, learn more and be a better lover. The idea of having session with me is to either, help you get ready to get out there and explore with another in confidence, for some its to take away tips and tricks to try to spice things up with your partner, for others its to help you overcome some sexual issues and then there are others who want to learn how to get the most out of their bodies.

Sleaziness and rudeness is your assurance that we will never ever meet.
The question: Do you have sex or give bjs will be ignored. 
Please enquire via the forms and let me know as much info about you as possible. If after conversing with you via email or perhaps phone, I feel that we are not on the same wavelength, I reserve the right to decline your appointment, as there is no point in us arranging a get together if we do not connect on any level or if I cannot provide the type of service you are looking for, and I will always be honest if I cant help you.

CLIENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED SESSIONS: Please note I’m now offering sessions to learn to be multi-orgasmic. The idea of having sessions is to assist you experiencing more from your body….heightened states 🙂 









I’m a sexuality coach.  Any words used on my site such as ‘escort’ are for seo purposes only as believe it or not that’s how many people find me. I do not offer an escort service….sex is not on offer. I do however offer a unique ‘hands on’ approach to helping you achieve greater fulfillment in your sex life. I tailor make my sessions so this question is a little difficult to explain but that’s why I offer my Meet and Greet options. My service is for those who genuinely want to learn and better themselves. What you will expect from my service is someone who has a great passion for assisting men with pre-mature ejaculation, sexual issues and to teach you how you can enjoy sexual experience so much more.

Learn, explore and train yourself to be a great lover!









Well the best way is to commit to doing a full package. The first hands on session you will start seeing results if you following my program.

If you have an issue that is getting you down and maybe you are even avoiding sex. If you are putting too much pressure on yourself…stressing yourself out about it and not having the most fun in the bedroom… please contact me and Im sure I can assist you in ways and get you back out there confident, enjoying and being the best lover you can be.







To be really honest I am quite busy in Brisbane however, I do understand it might be hard for you to leave town but you have a great desire to sort some issues out. If distance is a problem and you are interested in me visiting your town or city, please contact me. 



Hey, Thanks For Stopping By!

I trust you have enjoyed your stay. If you have finished reading all of the information please be sure to check my timetable to see when my specialised coaching service is next available in Brisbane or your town or city, in Australia also be sure to find out more about my pleasure and sex coaching services in Brisbane. 

When you are ready to book please use my “Reservations” form, as all of your details will be delivered to me instantly and this makes it very easy for me to accommodate you. Please supply as much information about you as possible so I can assess whether I can assist. If you have any other questions regarding my Brisbane adult services or want more in-depth details, please request my uncut version. I very much look forward to hearing from you soon.



Experience Pleasure!

I look forward to being your personal sex coach and helping you have longer lasting more fulfilling sexual experiences

Rebel – Sexuality Coach Australia  xx